Custom shoes – about time!

As a size 16, buying shoes has been the bane of my existence for a very long time. Most stores here in Australia stop at size 13, which seems crazy as we have one of the tallest populations in the world.

How I have longed to be able to have shoes made for me, at an affordable rate – something close to what the ‘normal’ folk get to spend on footware in retail stores. Alas, this is not the case.

Thankfully the 3D printing revolution is upon us and the world of generic, ‘one-type-suits-all’, mass manufactured goods is being turned on its head. Finally people are recognising that we are all unique have have specialised requirements, some moreso than others. So it’s not too hard to imagine my excitement at hearing about Feetz – a company who 3D print perfectly fitted footware based on just a few photos. So. Freakin. Awesome.

No more buying shoes sight unseen off the internet with the risk of them not fitting properly – which is often the case. Hooray!

Hopefully I can get in on their beta program. As a 3D printing enthusiast (and professional service technician) and a giant with special needs this is a service I have long been waiting for.