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QNAP TS-459 Pro+ Memory Upgrade


I’ve been wanting to upgrade the memory in my QNAP NAS for quite some time. They are great machines, but with all the extra features in the Turbo Station UI as well as a bunch of .qpkg add on’s they can sometimes get a bit bogged down.

I had been reluctant to buy new memory as I had trouble finding much helpful info on the QNAP forums as to what to get, or if it was even possible to be done on a 459 Pro+. Eventually I got sick of performance issues and searched again, this time with a bit more luck.

There are plenty of posts around using Kingston memory, and ones that had failed, but thanks to a post on Cyconet blog I decided to go ahead and get a Samsung M471B5773DH0-CH9 module.

The install went fine, swapping out the ADATA module from QNAP as the 459 Pro+ doesn’t have a second memory slot like some of the newer models. Here you can see the memory hiding in there to the right of that big power supply plug.

QNAP 459 Pro+ memory
Memory is the dark thing with the white sticker on it, to the right of that big power supply connector

Powered up and ensure all my normal services were running and I’ve got a decent increase in speed and a lot more free memory now, with usage down from around 70% to around 45%.

Usage before upgrade
Usage before upgrade
Usage after upgrade
Usage after upgrade

This memory module has also been confirmed to work in other models, as suggested by Jamie Austen on his blog, where he was able to upgrade from 1GB to 3GB – also thanks to that Cyconet post.