DevPi Changelog

This is just for keeping track of what’s been installed on my dev Pi.

—– Added 03/03/2014 for The Rig —–

NOTE: edit /home/pi/.profile and add



  • Install (sudo npm install
  • Install moment.js (sudo npm install –save moment)
  • Install node-raspicam (sudo npm install raspicam)
  • Create folder to mount network share (mkdir share)
  • Modify /etc/fstab to auto mount share on my laptop (sudo nano /etc/fstab)

//mobile-melchoir.local/Users/the_bfg/Documents/Daimons\ Files/My\ Pictures/Elysian\ Visions/Clients/evok3d/The\ Rig/
/home/pi/share cifs

username=USERNAME,password=PASSWORD 0 0


—– To be installed —–

  • 3G modem setup as per this and this
  • Motion for USB camera monitoring as per this and this (especially the second one)
  • BluetoothBlueProximity – sudo apt-get install python-gtk2 python-glade2 python-configobj python-bluez hcitool bluez-utils
  • sudo apt-get install arduino and sudo apt-get install xrdp for Arduino development
  • GPS as per this post
  • Add cups (sudo apt-get install cups) for a cloud print server, with help from here and here (specifically sudo usermod -a -G lpadmin pi)
  • Add python-serial (sudo apt-get install python-serial) for RFID reader testing
  • Add FTDI2xx drivers for ID12 RFID reader as per this

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