iPhone Gizmos

Originally Posted: February 21, 2010 4:19 PM

I admit it, I’m an iPhone fanboy and there’s a few things that I’d like to take my fandom to the next level.

Lately I have been playing with iTimelapse (the name speaks for itself), but it’s quite difficult to position the phone where I want it and get the best angle. Thankfully there is a company that has come up with the solution to that.


There’s also the AR.Drone, by Parrot. Is it useful? No. Not at all. But who wouldn’t want a chopper they can fly around with their phone?


Computer Thingies

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Ideally up to 10Tb would be good. Something like a Drobo should do the job. Or this one is pretty good too…


But it’s prohibitively expensive…

or there’s this one..


But it’s probably expensive too… Here’s a link with reviews of various NAS setups that could be useful for an informed decision


so a custom build jobbie would be kinda good too. See the following:


or for Mac oriented build (as I have an old G4 lying around and everything else house is Mac)…


apparently I’d need on of these sort of RAID controllers and to link up those older IDE drives I’ll probably need a few of these…

2.5″-3.5″ Drive ATA IDE to SATA Converter Adapter

To go with the NAS drive(s) I’d logically need a good way to pipe all that data around the house, so then I’d need a whole bunch of CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable and do this…


And I’d then be needing a decent gigabit ethernet switch with lots of ports to hook it all up to and control the traffic flow.


Naturally, I’d also be needing a whole bunch of cable…



and some newtwork cable crimpers…


Once I have all that stuff, I’d need some CAT5/6 patch panel(s) to hook everything up. One of these to go in the cupboard…


and general CAT6 wall panels for throughout the house.


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I like to make stuff. Some stuff I don’t like to do, but they need to be done anyway, so they may as well be done properly.

Most stuff takes time and money. These stuffs are my projects and I’ll cover them off here, mainly to help plan what I need and how it should be done.
A lot of these will tie in with the the Stuff that I want.
Here are the projects I am working on and/or are planning for:

Stuff that I want

I put things I want for Birthday/Christmas here. You can disregard this old post. That link will be kept updated.

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Things. Stuff. Material possessions. I wants them. I needs them…. my precious’.

Well, they will be when I have them. Or if someone gets them for me (*wink*wink*).