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Things I’m working on


Here’s the things I would do for a carputer.


  • Wifi Hotspot for other passengers
  • GPS logging
  • OBD2 logging
  • Web Radio/Spotify client/iTunes streamer/MP3 player
  • Bluetooth and BlueProximity (for keyless entry?)
  • RFID reader (for keyless entry)?
  • Parking sensor with image?

And things to install

  1. Setup as per Bog standard install
  2. Add a 3G modem
  3. Turn into a wifi hotspot as per this post or this one
  4. No-IP for remote access as per this
  5. Add bluetooth support and BlueProximity
  6. Setup autorun scripts like this


Originally posted: February 21, 2010 4:26 PM

I like to make stuff. Some stuff I don’t like to do, but they need to be done anyway, so they may as well be done properly.

Most stuff takes time and money. These stuffs are my projects and I’ll cover them off here, mainly to help plan what I need and how it should be done.
A lot of these will tie in with the the Stuff that I want.
Here are the projects I am working on and/or are planning for: